Hotels in Vienna

Vienna has lot of hotels of all kind and at all prices.

Youth hostels (membership needed) – you may consider the “Youth Palace” they have only double rooms, unnlike other youth hostels and it is not far from the venue.

Hostels – There are lots of this kind in Vienna.We can recommend you “The Wombats” which has 3 hostels in Vienna.

Consider renting an apartment, finding a bed & breakfast, or couch surfing!


Vienna is famous for its food. It’s the birth place of the Schnitzel but it’s also famous for the Strudel and the Sacher Torte.  What you definitely shouldn’t miss is a visit to a Würstelstand.

You can find food on the venue itself: they serve coffee, soft drinks and some snacks there. And there are a lot of restaurants and places for food around it.

If you’re looking for a restaurant serving typical local food for a meeting with your project, you can ask the organizers. Normally you will find places for 8-12 people in most of the restaurants. But it’s better to make a reservation for that many people.

What not to miss

Vienna has a lot of famous places, too many to mention all of them. There are places like the Wiener Prater, Schönbrunn, Stephansplatz, the Hofburg, or if you like Hundertwasser you will find the Hundertwasser House, the KunstHausWien and also the thermal power plant in Vienna is build in his style. You may also consider visiting the MuseumsQuartier, a district with lot of museums, restaurants and clubs. The LinuxWochen have their rooms there. Just ask the local organizers, they will give you hints about what is of interest for you.

Fonts aficionados

Consider risking yourself in the Typopassage.

Public transport

For hints about the public transport visit the Venue page.

Last edited on 29.01.2012