Last call for talk submissions

Two days are left for submitting talks, workshops, and panels for the upcoming Libre Graphics Meeting!
Please consider that the audience we expect in Vienna is mostly people who are already part of one of our projects or graphic artists who already know our products. For this reason, we will favor talks about topics that are interesting for people who are active in our projects or who want to spread technologies, ideas, or code to other projects.
We still would love to provide publicity for your project, but we think the best way to do that is via short talks and lightning talks. If you have more to say than what fits in those formats, you’re welcome to submit more than one “shorter” talk to cover different aspects of your project. It’s our goal to have at least one short talk (about 10 minutes) or lightning talk (5 minutes) for each project represented at LGM. You’re also welcome to submit proposals for workshops, where you will give an introduction to your software or teach specific advanced skills.
We also ask you to use the same submission form to announce BOFs, work session, and  project meetings. Please, announce them as soon as you start planning them, so that we can make sure that we have enough rooms for all of them!
If you’re interested in having a booth where you can sell products related to your project or demo your project, please fill the submission form as well. We can’t give you any guarantee that we will able to provide a booth, but we will try to!
Some final remarks:
  • The 1st March deadline is most important for full talks. For all other proposals, we will be much more flexible, as long as we can accomodate them!
  • If you need a visa, please get in touch with us in a timely manner!
  • Don’t forget to register as soon as you know that you wil be coming.

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  1. Cosmo Guffa says:

    I was wondering about the possibility of having some kind of virtual presence at the conference. I design polyhedral lamp shades decorated with fractal geometry using the Gimp, Inkscape, Blender and Python scripting. Do you think there would be an appropriate space for a lantern installation along with some kind of artist/designer statement display. I would have to mail the lantern for assembly and installation by one of the conference volunteers. Perhaps you could raffle it off it help cover some of the costs of the conference. I would be happy to donate one to the cause considering the overwhelming contribution of the Open Source Graphic community to my artistic practice and budding business.

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