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Thursday 27 May 2010

09:00 Louis Desjardin, Femke Snelting
Welcome to LGM 2010 [tv]
09:30 Martin Renold
Extending Python for Speed [tv]
10:00 Peter Sikking
A first outline for a UI for a fully GEGLed GIMP [tv]
10:30 Marcos Diaz
The Nathive image editor, its plugin system and some Python-based implemented technologies
11:00 Akkana Peck
Writing GIMP scripts and plugins [tv]
11:30 –
14:30 –
Short Talks
Jose David Cuartas Correa
Collaborative intellectual property [tv]
Aymeric Mansoux
PureDyne [Video]
Helen Varley Jamieson
UpStage - an open source web-based platform for cyberformance [Video]
Susan L. Spencer
Open Source project to enable fashion design using open data formats [Video]
Rebecca Hargrave Malamud
The Rural Design Collective Summer Mentoring Program [Video]
Wang Lingzheng
How people use open source graphics in China and a book about the LGM
16:00 –
16:30 Barry Threw
Baroque Dreams: Live Multimedia Performance, Interpretive Culture, and Open Source Software [Video]
17:00 –
Lila Pagola
Using and teaching free software, being a final user and not dying in the attempt
17:30 Nicu Buculei, Martin Sourada
Designing with Free tools in an Open Community: experiences from the Fedora Design Team [Video]
18:00 Hong Phuc Dang
How to get contributors to your Free/Libre/Open Source project from Vietnam and Asia [Video]
18:30 Florian Cramer, Aymeric Mansoux, Michael Murtaugh
How to Run an Art School on Free and Open Source Software [Video]

Friday 28 May 2010

09:00 Jasper van de Gronde
Diffusion Curves in Inkscape vector drawings [Video]
09:30 Felipe Corrêa da Silva Sanches
GNU LibreDWG - a free software library to handle DWG files from AutoCAD [Video]
10:00 Kai-Uwe Behrmann
Device Colour Management [Video]
10:30 Hin-Tak Leung
Color Management and other new developments in Ghostscript [Video]
11:00 Nicolas Spalinger
Best practices for designing/releasing/maintainin g/packaging open fonts [Video]
11:30 –
14:30 –
Short Talks
Ricardo Lafuente
Styling TeX documents with Batch Commander [Video]
Another year of Open Source Publishing [Video]
Denis Moyogo Jacquerye
Font design and features for African languages [Video]
Dave Crossland
Google's Font Initiative [Video]
Eric Schrijver
Content centric architecture and distributed versioning [Video]
Stani Michels
Phatch [Video]
16:00 –
16:30 Christopher Adams
Elements of Typographic Freedom: Open Sources of Extraordinary Design [Video]
17:00 Mirko Tobias Schaefer
Designing a Better Tomorrow: How design is informed by metaphors, images and associations of social progress [Video]
17:30 Dave Crossland
Cantarell: Designing Typefaces Using Only Free Software [Video]
18:00 Igor Novikov
sK1 Project: Past, Present and Future [Video]
18:30 Tom Lechner
Laidout and Desktop Publishing [Video]
19:00 –
22:00 StatusCheck Brussels + REJON Version 31 Birthday Release Party

Saturday 29 May 2010

10:00 Lukáš Tvrdý
Writing brush engines for fun and profit! [Video]
10:30 Jakub Steiner
Icon Workflows with Inkscape [Video]
11:00 Frederik De Bleser, Tom De Smedt, Lucas Nijs
Generative Node-based Design With NodeBox 2 [Video]
11:30 Peter Linnell
Scribus [Video]
12:00 Ton Roosendaal
Blender Foundation, past and future [Video]
15:30 –
Short Talks
Marcus Holland- Moritz
How I made a free New Zealand coffee-table book using lots of Free Software [Video]
Ricardo Lafuente
Coding pictures with Shoebot [Video]
Pete Ippel
The New Folk Tradition: Aesthetic and Community Resonance between Open Source Graphics and Fiber Arts [Video]
Steve Conklin
Multi-touch support in Ubuntu [Video]
Alexandre Prokoudine
Digital photography workflow on Linux with darktable [Video]
Ana Carvalho
Plana, publishing illustration and comics with floss [Video]
17:30 Paul Rouget
Mozilla Open Web Graphics
18:00 ginger coons
The Open Colour Standard: Physical colour for F/LOSS [Video]
18:30 Andy Fitzsimon
Inkscape for everybody [Video]
19:00 –
20:30 Blender team
Durian Open Movie sneak peeks

Sunday 30 May 2010

10:00 Eric Schrijver
Graphic Design and the Wide Open Space [Video]
10:30 Jon A. Cruz
Viaduct - connecting apps and resources in a user friendly way
11:00 Bassel Safadi, Jon Phillips
Joining Spirits with Aiki Framework: The New Web Engine for Open Clip Art Library [Video]
11:30 Nathan Willis
Open Source Graphics and Web Services: A panel discussion [Video]
12:30 –
13:30 Discussion