Always wanted to create a sewing pattern from a python script? Work with developers and artists around the same table? Visit a real color lab? From Friday evening 6 May onwards we organise workshops, excursions and other activities for early arrivers. The perfect warm up for LGM!

Workshops are free to attend but places are limited so please make sure you tell us you’re coming! If you haven’t done it already, take this opportunity to register!

Friday May 6

“5 à 7″ (apéro) at Koumbit
“Our 5@7s are always a great way to talk about everything and nothing over a beer, in the comfortable atmosphere of Bar Populaire. With a little luck, we’ll be able to hang out on their terrace and soak up the sun’s rays. We hope to see you come out in great number on Friday, May 6th, at 5 pm.” Starts at 17:00 at Bar Populaire 6584, boulevard Saint-Laurent, a few steps away from métro Beaubien (850 m).

Saturday May 7

Two parallel workshops:

11:00-16:00 Digital Pattern Making Workshop (workshop with Susan Spencer)

Participants with Inkscape, Python & pySVG loaded on their laptops will learn to transfer a 19th century pattern into python code, and generate this pattern using their own measurements. To complete the workshop and illustrate the practical and creative nature of the software, each student will be provided scissors, needle, thread, muslin, and sewing machine to cut out and sew their garment with simple sewing techniques. No previous sewing level is required! Both sexes are encouraged to attend. Each student will leave the workshop with a simply constructed version of their garment, and a printed copy of their customized pattern.

11:00-16:00 In situ animation with Toonloop (workshop with Alexandre Quessy)

In this workshop, Alexandre Quessy, the creator of Toonloop, will present and demonstrate Toonloop, the live animation software. Participants will be able to try it with a camera and some lighting.
He will explain why he created Toonloop, and how many people experimented with it for making movies, performances, installations as well as for teaching frame by frame animation. Stop motion can also be used for creating quick mockups of user interfaces.
Toonloop is a free software frame by frame animation application. Creating an animation with Toonloop is very easy, since the current clip is constantly played back while being edited. This constant playback catches the attention of anyone looking at the computer display. Its user interface is quite streamlined, since most of the controls are currently keyboard-based. Toonloop is free software released under the terms of the GPL. It has been written by Alexandre Quessy and Tristan Matthews.

17:00-19:00 Debate with invited guests on tools and creative practice, followed by Exhibition opening

Location: Studio XX: 4001, rue Berri, suite 201 – between Duluth and Roy, métro Sherbrooke (550 m) or métro Mont-Royal (700 m).

Sunday May 8

13:00-17:00: Famous People (workshop with a.o. Brad Phillips, ginger coons, Tom Lechner, Elisa Godoy de Castro Guerra, …)

Who are these Famous People? What are four versions of Che Guevara, one single woman (and a statue) and the author of Fahrenheit 451 doing in the same collection? The category “Famous People” at the OpenClipart library is both monomaniac and all over the place, begging to be populated with inspiring rolemodels, shining stars, super-heroines and other top cats.

At this workshop amazing artists working with Gimp, Krita and Inkscape will get together to update the Famous People category from the Open Clip Art Library. Illustrators, fans or both please bring an image of your favourite celebrity and find out about how to create clipart with VIP status.

The Open Clip Art Library is a wonderful collection of clipart dedicated to the public domain. It means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform all of it (also for commercial purposes) without asking permission.

Location: Studio XX : 4001, rue Berri, suite 201- between Duluth and Roy, métro Sherbrooke (550 m) or métro Mont-Royal (700 m).

Monday May 9

Visit of QIGC from 14:00 to 16:00
We are welcome at the Quebec Institute of Graphic Communications (QIGC) to see the running 5-color offset 30″ x 40″ press demoed by students from the Cégep Ahuntsic and visit the QIGC ink, paper, printability and color laboratories with a chemist.

QIGC is a non-profit organization enthusiastically instigated by the entire graphic arts industry. Since its creation in May 1996, the QIGC has greatly improved and expanded its range of services and skills.
(2 hour commented visit)

Location: 999, rue Émile-Journault Est, Montréal H2M 2E2
Corner Saint-Hubert, at 900 m from métro Crémazie.

Montréal-Python 21 begins at 18:00
We are happy to announce that Montréal-Python 21, aka Eruptive Exorcist, will take place Monday the 9th. This gives us the opportunity to invite some of the LGM people to come over and talk to us about graphics stuff! The venue is yet to be announced. All the details are posted on the Montréal-Python website.

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Last edited on May 13, 2011